Collect Gold Ring for High Score in Sonic Runners iPhone

Sega Corporation has just launched Sonic Runners, the all-new side-scrolling endless runner game on the apple store and android soon

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As usual, in this game, you will play as Sonic, the world’s fastest hedgehog, that has to gather up more and more gold rings while running
You can make him run with all-new mobile friendly controls, where you will simply tap the screen to run, jump, and spin your way across lightening fast Sonic world.

On the other side, you can then run with companions such as Chao and RC gadgets, then try to be top the rankings with your high scores

Every time you finish playing, your score will dictate how far your character has moved along the Episode Map.
Once moving along the Episode Map, you will see that some events happen

In the mean time, you will also get some items that will help you proceed through the game.
During in your run, you should tap the screen in the middle of a jump to do a special action that will lead to some points and score in this game.

Also, you will have to collect strings of Rings, Crystals, and Animals to start a combo bonus giving your score a big boost.
Here, your combo bonus will return to 0 when the time runs out, or when you take damage during in your run.
Meanwhile, you can also spin while jumping, so that you can smash enemies and beat them with ease.

Once making a progress through the game, you will run into spikes or a missile, in that you will take damage and lose all your Rings.
And, you will also be vulnerable, and unable to move for a while.
At this point, if you do not have any Rings, the edges of the screen will come to red.

Then, you will also deal with boss battles where you can try using Color Powers when fighting against Dr. Eggrnan, to inflict damage toward him.
For further, if you want to beat him, just hold of a Color Power and give it one last whirl

Having more crystals here will increase in point value from blue to green to red.
So, if you see these crystals, you have to get them to keep your combos going for more points and coins

In related to Combo Bonus, you can pick up a “Combo Bonus” item, in that your item collection combos will be unbreakable for a while.
With that combos, you will gain high score as well.

Later on, you will often see Indigo Asteroid Power item that you should take to transform into an asteroid capable of crushing almost all things on the way.
And, you can use Drills Power for burrowing underground

In addition, you can also unlock Tails and Knuckles for the other characters then master their Speed, Aerial, and Power attributes to evolve your character’s powers with collected rings along the game


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