Collect Gems to Unlock New Characters and High Score Jumping Balls iPhone

BoomBit has a new minigame called Jumping Balls which has newly arrived on the apple store
This game offer a simple but challenging endless bouncer game for the ios platform recently.

jumping balls walkthrough ios android

Here, you will have to guide and bounce the ball across the track in a fully 3D environment.
To play this game, all you will do is to swipe the screen to steer left or right to guide and bounce the ball passing through the obstacles on your path.

In the mean time, you must try to avoid obstacles and jump through upcoming hoops to gain high score. Never hit any of the traps on the track or you must start the level again

In other words, you will be challenged to bounce the ball to go through pitfalls, spikes, and other obstacles in the way

During in your action, you will also have to get gems scattered along the way
With this gems, you can use them to unlock additional characters such as Eyeball, Alien, Hamburger, Lady, Purple Ball and Soccerball.

On the other side, this game also features multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends or of thousands of players worldwide then compete each other to get high score

When playing this game, always keep your eyes open for the rings
In accordance with this, you must try to go through the rings to get points
However, if the is about to nick the side of the ring, you will start the game again

Always remember not to drag the ball around the stage
And, make sure to make swift and sure movements when performing your action

In the way of collecting gems in this game, you will get the as a free gift once playing this game in couple of minutes.
At this point, you will get gems ranging from 100 to 400 gems

Later on, you can then use them to get additional character skins for your ball which will give a different look when you guide and bounce the ball across the path.

Sometimes, you may see the holes which you can jump over
Anyway, you may not make the gap across holes.
To deal with this, always swerve around to dodge it
And, always remember not to cross them

Meanwhile, you can also slide the ball fast with your finger when guiding and bouncing the ball on the screen
You can do some fast swiping to get around which will send you to a point where you will deal with one narrow path

Always keep practicing and nailing down moving the ball around.
Consider to jump over the spikes and pitfalls during your performance
Plus, do not hit the rim of the rings at all cost

Just bounce and avoid every single obstacle in one piece so that you can get high score and gems in one times


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