Collect Gems for Easy Mode in Tower Dash iPhone

BoomBit has come to the apple store along with their newest game called Tower Dash where all you will do is to to get as high as you can by shooting a rope or web to propel yourself upward while collecting diamonds along the way

tower dash walkthrough ios android

To do your action, you will move left and right with each tap, but you must not hit wall
Be sure to grab all scattered diamonds there to unlock insanely cool new heroes

Again, all you will do is to tap once to shoot a rope to the left and tap again to shoot a rope to the right.

If you can do quicker tap, you will propel to go upward.
On the other side, you can make a longer tap and hold to pull yourself to the direction

On the other side, you can tap alternating with your left thumb, right thumb, left thumb, to go for the direction you shoot your web in.

Except collecting gems or diamonds along the way, you will have to gain high score
In line with this, if you can get high score in each level, you will earn ten free gems as a reward.

In order ot get more gems in the game, you can merely watch the ad video.
At this moment, just watch a video from the main menu screen to get ten gems in a quick way.
Always keep doing this to get more gems

And, if those videos are about to run out, just wait and get back to the game in ten or twenty minutes to get them reloaded again.

Sometimes, you may lose a round, that you need to continue it by either paying ten gems or by watching a free video.
In accordance with this, you will get one video restart and one gem restart per round.
Thus, just use them to continue playing for the next round


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