Collect Gems and Energy in Katy Perry Pop iPhone

Glu is now associated with Katy Perry to launch their newest game called Katy Perry Pop game which you can play on the ios platform recently

katy perry pop walkthrough ios android

Similar to any mobile games associated with superstar, this game will be a highly addictive game where you will get a chance to explore the new world, become world class celebrities and spend some quality time with Katy Perry in the game.

Early on the game, you will have to create your network by making new friends in the game
Here, you must often interact with every person that you meet while exploring the virtual streets in the game.

To make friend with big stars, be sure to become more famous and you can then connect with them.
Besides, you can use premium currency, gems to Charm them

Meanwhile, you can also make more friends by connecting your Facebook account and add other people playing this game.
If you can add more friends to play this game, it will boost your career in the game

Early on the game, it will highly be recommended to focus on completing the quests which helps a lot since they will reward you with new outfits, money, energy, level you up and improve your skill as well.

During the quests, do not start more than one energy quest at a time as you only have a limited amount of time to complete the given quest

Use your energy for something useful such as starting a concert, recording a new song or recording a video
To get more energy, just exit the room or concert hall to find extra energy out there

In line with this, you must also learn to manage your energy properly
At this point, you can start energy missions when having a full energy bar so that you can improve your chances to complete the quests which you can do by adding better equipment, furniture or props and calling in friends as band members.

On the other side, you can also use Katy’s glasses by tapping them in the lower left corner.
You can do this in every new area when completing missions, since some missions can only be completed in Katy Perry Glasses mode, like in the Appease the Wind quest.

To start being popular, you need to record a song by recording a video.
And, that song must be really high quality so that it will make it on the charts which will allow you to record a video for it.

In accordance with this, you can work on producing better songs by increasing your experience
You can increase your experience by completing quests and working on songs
Also, you can get inspiration by filling the lightbulb icon to the right side of the screen
Make sure to add skilled band members to help you with the song and adding the best instruments possible in the studio.

If you can do everything above, you will get 5 star ratings, making it to the charts so that you can record a video for them.

On the other side, you can also get clothes which can help you record songs
Basically, they will contribute some effects on the songs and other types of events and interaction
So, just follow your heart and simply wear based on your style

As said earlier, gems is the premium currency of this game which you can collect with any other way
To get more gems, be sure to complete each quest and add more friends to play this game


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