Collect Extra Diamonds in Tap Titans iPhone

When playing in Tap Titans, you will be served with different types of currencies which are diamonds and coins that you can collect when battling with bosses in this game.

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In this game, diamonds and coins are the main currencies in which coins are the cornerstone of the game
And, diamonds are the premium currency that you can use to purchase all kinds of various boosts.

Generally, you will earn free diamonds by completing the achievements which are listed in the achievements menu, which you can access by tapping the trophy shaped button.
Every time you find any achievement that has not yet been completed, you can see what you have to do to complete it.
After, you have completed an achievement, you will see a red exclamation mark next to the trophy button.
Here, just go to the menu scroll down to find the completed achievement then tap the rewards button to collect your reward.
Every achievement in this game consists of six tiers that can be completed, represented by the six stars.

Except earning some diamonds, you can also collect coins in that you simply watch out for the chests that fly around overhead, carried by angels.
Those chests will provide you some coins and various buffs and boosts.
Sometimes, some of them will give you whereabouts five or six diamonds in one single chest.

In the way of gathering more coins, you will be able to get them on promotional offer in which all you will have to do is simply to watch an advertisement video.
Watching that advertisements video will reward you coins as a reward
Sometimes, they will also give you diamonds as a reward
In line with this, just make sure to stay alert of those offers every time you log in the game.

Surely, if you want to get fast and a lot of diamonds, you can purchase them in the app store.
And, every time you purchase diamond at the first time, you will get the the advertisement videos stayed around, where you can get extra diamonds by watching them.


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