Collect Extra Coins to Unlock New Characters in Fishy Bits iPhone

PlaySide has a new game called Fishy Bits which is a simple one touch game for ios platform
In this game, you will merely swim as deep as you can while avoiding sharks in any other way

fishy bits walkthrough ios android

In the mean time, you will also have to eat smaller fish to get bigger and gather up coins, open up secret bit boxes, and unleash the Dragon in your adventure

Playing this game is like playing an endless tapping game where it will be comfortably to use your left hand and tap the left side of the screen.

Meanwhile, if you do a light touch on the screen, it will make your fishy dive an ample distance and it may lead to crash into an obstacle.
So, you must hold your finger down when you need to do so

Along the game, you will also be assigned to collect coins as much as possible to unlock new characters such as Polar Bear, Dragon, Rex, ToothPick, Bully, Snipz, Patty and Jelly

Sometimes, you may need to pull all the way down near the sea floor then let go
If you can do so well, your fishy will jump into the sky.
And, it will leap into the air again

You can also do this to avoid certain obstacles, such as birds which are flying around that you can eat to make you bigger and rule the sea

The main point in this game is to eat as many fish as possible as this is the way you can make your self bigger
Thus, if you eat more fishes, you will quickly evolve and eat bigger fish.


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