Collect Diamonds to Get New Ships in Sky Chasers iPhone

Lucky Kat Studios has launched Sky Chasers on the apple store as a simple challenging flying game which will get you to merely press and hold the left or right sides of the screens to fly your character.

sky chasers walktrhough ios android

In this game, you will guide the young Max, the little adventurer to build a ship out of a cardboard box then explore in an epic adventure through a breathtaking magical world.

Later on, you will be assigned to upgrade and customize your ship, ten test your flying skills against others.

To play this game, you will be served with intuitive two-touch controls and fun physics, where you will have to dodge obstacles and gather up gold coins to purchase new ships such as Armada, Blue Bolt, Cup O’ Tea, Guardian, Yellow Flash, Junkyard Chaser, Destroyer, Zenith and Old Smokey

To fly your ships, you will rely on fuel in that your fuel supply will deplete when you use your thrusters actively.

When doing so, just take your time to navigate the levels.
Also, you must try to avoid the various obstacles carefully so that you will be able to reach the next checkpoint in one piece.

Sometimes, you will run out of fuel midflight, which will get you to wait for it to come back
To get more fuel, you can watch an advertisement video to continue on the spot.
Later on, if you want to keep flying and to continue the game, just keep watching the advertisements videos

Each time, you fly in this game, you will see gold coins that you can grab and collect used to purchase a new ship with maximum fuel capacity

And, when you fly and land on new checkpoints, you will get an option to either watch an advertisement or pay a coin fee to activate it.
At this point, it will be better to watch an advertisement video to get extra fuel boosts in the long run for your ships.

Except collecting gold coins, you will sometimes see the precious blue diamonds which will be worth a whopping 100 coins

When performing your action, always try to watch out for hidden areas which usually contains gold coins or diamonds to collect.

Meanwhile, you will also see a lone coin sitting in front of part of a wall.
When seeing such spot, try to fly into the wall to discover a hidden area which will give you diamonds to be collected for free


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