Collect Diamonds for The Exit in Fireboy and Watergirl in Online Forest Temple iPhone

If you like playing co op game with friends, you may need to play a new multiplayer platforming game for the iOS and Android platforms which is called Fireboy and Watergirl Online Forest Temple Addicting Multiplayer Running and Jumping Platform Game

fireboy and watergirl online forest temple walkthrough ios android

Playing this game is all about teamwork between two players online where you will get through each round together
Along the game, you will be assigned to help Fireboy and Watergirl to find the exit through the Forest Temple.

Note that each character will have their own objective where Fireboy has to avoid the water and Watergirl has to avoid the fire
Make sure to avoid the green mud as they will eliminate them both
In the mean time, you will also have to collect diamonds for extra points

To play this game, you can play as Fireboy where you can only walk through the lava lakes
And, if you play with Watergirl, you can only walk through the water lakes.
Remember that both characters will not be able to walk through the green lake

During in your action, always search for switches which will open doors to get through
In line with this, one of your team needs to open the door by standing on the switch
Meanwhile, the other one needs to run through the open door.
If you can run through the door, you must then step on the switch on the other side so that your friend can go through the door as well.

Thus, the main point is to work together to go through each door for the exit while always gathering up diamonds for high score


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