Collect Diamonds for Bloodline Cards in Warriors of Glory iPhone

Warriors of Glory made by Kick9 presents an ARPG or an intense all-new action RPG that you can play both on the ios and android users
This game has been made with stunning 3D graphics and RTS gameplay.

warriors of glory walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you will pick one of warriors namely Barbarian, shadowy Assassin, or mystical Mage
All of them will be equipped with different awesome spells and skills.

As the same as an Action RPG out there, you will go to the dungeon to explore area and defeat every foe there
Sometimes, you will deal with bosses who have an armor gauge
But,when their armor gauge is still intact, they will receive heavily reduced damage from all sources.

In line with this, you can try using regular auto attacks against them, in which it will make their armor take damage.
Then, you can pelt the boss with regular attacks until armor is down, while using all of your skills to take them out.

Remember that those bosses will cast super heavy attacks against you
So, always keep your eyes open on the red indicators as this is the indication for them to launch a heavy attack.

To get rid of this, try to get away from the indicated zone quickly
Anyway, if you are there, just use your evasive skill to get around fast

In every mission, you will be assigned to get all three stars that you can do by clearing every level and take minimal damage form foes

Besides, you will also get to complete the main quests by simply tapping the quest button at the top right.
These main quests will give you more rewards after completing them
Here, it is your chance to farm more gold and diamonds as reward for the completion

On the other side, you will also have to level up your heroes to be powerful ones
In accordance with this, you must firstly enhance each equipment slot to grant more stats boosts to your hero.

When enhancing the equipment, be sure to enhance all slots to their maximum to perform a Break Equipment Limit which will enhance your gear

Meanwhile, you will also have to learn new skills and upgrade them which will allow you to eliminate any foe standing in your path
At this point, you will firstly have to find new equipment for your hero

Diamonds or gems seem to be the premium currency of this game
In order to get them, you can take part in a daily event
There, you will have to complete the objective of the event which will vary from day to next
By completing them, you will be granted with a bunch of reward in form of gold coins and gems

Plus, you will get a coin collecting minigame where you will be able to collect a bunch of coins while dodging lightning strikes.
Moreover, completing a daily event will earn you event points, which will give you a chance to open a chest once reaching 25 points
This chest itself will provide you a bunch of rewards which may be in form of gems and cards for your heroes


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