Collect Crystals to Get Rare Heroes in Fantasy War Tactics iPhone

Nexon has launched Fantasy War Tactics to the ios and android markets bringing a fresh RPG where you will have your adventure with your friend’s heroes to go the quests for more reasons

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Along the way, you will meet and counterattack enemies for collecting gold and crystals to be used to purchase items such as legendary weapons
Besides, you will also collect different materials and gold every day from Nephthys Dungeon and Lab

Similar to turn-based strategy games, this game will not force you to pick a place to move then keep you there.
So, you will have to move around as much as you like

Here, your heroes can freely move within a preset range, where it will give you a space to experiment with the best placement for your unit before having to commit.

Doing this will give you some advantages, where you are about to consider certain pieces of terrain to get special bonuses or debuffs to your heroes at that moment.

During the game, you will have to deal with enemies where you must try to chain combos action to beat them at ease

At this point, if you attack with a hero and an ally within attack range, they will assist and attack too.
Doing so will trigger some huge damage bonuses per attack, so that you can use it as a tool in your arsenal.

Always think about your safety during the battle since some enemies will have area-of-effect attacks that can damage closely clumped your heroes

Once having through tough battles, it will be better to manage your heroes as they are upgrading while you are away
Alongside, you will also level up your heroes that you can do by playing in an Expedition Mode where you can send your heroes out to collect items and experience points to level them up.

At that time, you can send heroes out when you are not actively playing in that it will make sure you are always making progress.

On the other side, there will be several types of advantage you can establish in the game
In line with this, all can yield up to +65% bonus damage that will lead you to get your victory easily.

In addition, you will also be able to explore 12 regions over 180 dungeons and take part in PvP mode where you can play against other players online

You can also go on your adventure with 50 different heroes to conquer each land in this game
During in your adventure, you must clear dungeons to collect more new heroes
Moreover, you will also be rewarded with gold or crystals once completing each dungeon

Later on, you will then go to 10 stages of Dimensional Breakthrough and complete various missions for rewards such as gold and crystals, the main currencies of this game
In order to collect more those currencies, be sure to play this game in daily basis and always check the achievement to get gold and crystals for free


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