Collect Crystals Coins in Heroes Tactics Mythiventures iPhone

Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures from Newland Canada can be said as a new level-based tactical RPG which is specifically designed for the iOS and Android phones.

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In this game, you will be served with a bunch of different unlockable heroes to unlock
Later on, you will also be able to play in different game modes, the single-player mode and you can fight against other players and their parties online
Then, you will also have to upgrade your heroes so that your party eventually becomes unstoppable.

In order to upgrade your party members, you must level them up, that you can do by battling or using the various experience point upgrade materials
At this point, every party member can equip six different items for their equipment slots

In the profile of the party member, you can find a piece of equipment
There, just tap on the missing piece of the equipment, then tap Gather on the next pop up to find that piece of equipment as a drop.
be sure to check the General Store to see if it is popped up there.

If you see a green hammer to appear in an empty equipment slot, you can forge said piece of equipment.
And, if a yellow plus sign comes up, it means that you will have the equipment but your hero is not at a high enough experience level to equip it yet.

As usual, this game will feature crystals or gems as the premium currency
In order to get those crystals for free, all you will do is to complete each stage where you must battle with enemies in each stage

And, if you get involved in the online battle with other party, you will be granted with crystals if you can win that battle at that moment

Once getting enough crystals, you can get raid cards to instantly beat a level that you have already three-starred.

This card is also useful to increase your player level, as well as Hero Diaries for quick level-ups.
On the other side, you can spread your raids out to various places all over the world map which will make you gather diverse pieces of equipment fast.

In addition, you must try to upgrade your VIP level to get some bonuses
Plus, if you can be at that level, you will be able to get additional crystals, coins or stamina bonuses

But, you can collect crystals, coins and stamina for free by completing each level, tasks and achievements.


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