Collect Credits Coins to Unlock New Cars in No Limit Racer iPhone

No Limit Racer can be said as an endless racing game which has been launched on the apple store and android market

no limit racer wallkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to race through a number of old-school polygon environments such as the old Star Fox, while trying to get as far as you can to get credits as much as you can which you can use to purchase new vehicles or cars.

To play this game, all you will do is merely to tilt your phone to the left or to the right to move your car.
When doing so, just try to tilt the phone quite a bit to get the Falcon to go to the side as hard as you want it to go

During your action, make sure to watch out for the blue and green rings
If you see the blue rings, they will grant you 500 credit bonus instantly.
And, if you go for the green rings, you will get 500 credit bonus, and you will also get a temporary turbo boost which will speed you up for a limited time.

With all credit bonus you have collected from the game, you can use them to get new ships permanently
To do this, try to go down to the bottom of the ship store and rent some credit bonuses.
There, you will see that the cost will be fairly low for one race

And, if you can go through a lot of hoops, one of the rentals will grant you 2 times credits, and the other one will earn you 3 times credits.

If you want to get easy credits without going through any of the rings, you can merely go to the top of the screen, near your credit count
There, you can watch the advertisement videos to get 500 credits coins apiece in exchange.
Just watch them time and time again until all of your credits run out, then when they do, you can come back in a few minutes to watch videos again when they reload at that time.


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