Collect Coins to Unlock Piggy Bank Car in Thumb Drift iPhone

Thumb Drift – Furious One Touch Car Racing developed by SMG Studio can be included into a car racing game which is dedicated to the iOS and Android platforms

thumb drift walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to drift your car in various types for as long as possible.
In other words, you must merely drift your car for a long distance, while collecting some coins scattered along the path

These coins will be useful to purchase and collect new cars which you can use to do even more drifts through new stages and areas.

In this game, you will be brought to drift or slide sideways around the corners to compete for the highest score.

Later on, you will unlock each level by driving a certain number of yards, in which if you can reach 2,000 yards overall in the initial stage called Gymkhana, you can continue your racing drift experience to Forest Road.

Every new level that you unlock will be different because of the various different level design traits. And, when performing your action in Forest Road, you can drive into the grass, but you will not lose speed if you are doing your action there.

During in your action, you may need to take the straightest possible line along the track
In line with this, if you come up on an S-curve, you may think to resist the urge which will guide you to try following the center line of the level.

Perhaps, you may want to go as close to straight as you possibly, while making shallow turns to make it through the turns.

This game features coins as a kind of premium currency
You can get them by any other way in this game

In order to get more coins, make sure to complete a level, then tap the share button to earn 100 free coins.
So, each time, you want to collect coins to unlock new vehicles, just tap the share button available on the game

In related to the cars that you have unlocked in the game, they will generally have similar performance characteristics, including similar levels of slip

However, those cars will give you a different look when you select and perform them on the track.
You will see the different performance in that a smaller car will make for a smaller target.
Thus, just select the smaller car for small performance gain during your action.


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