Collect Coins to Unlock New Characters in Kick Hero iPhone

Kick Hero developed by LoadComplete can be categorized into a one-touch game which you can play on the ios device recently

kick hero walkthrough ios android

Soundly, this game is designed to be simple but it is challenging to play.
To play this game, just tap the screen when the ball meets the circle
When doing so, make sure to time it well so that your kicks will be charged with power

In the mean time, you can make a perfect combo to see special ball-effects with bonus points
Then, with perfect combo you will see various ball effects which will give a differet look during the gameplay

Every time, you perform your action, you will have to take put the baddies and collect coins to be used to unlock various characters from Locker room

During the gameplay, always stay alert of the ball in front of you
At the same time, you must also watch enemies in your path and time your kicks well to beat them for coins

Always remember not to mistime a kick since this will give you more accurate shot to defeat the enemies along the path

In the game, each time you can land a perfect kick, you will see a perfect and a multiplier.
Also, landing five perfect kicks in a row will unleash a super kick which sends out a shockwave
If you can do this well you will destroy enemies standing on the screen
With this shockwave, it will be useful for clearing out a sticky situation.
And, it also does heavy damage to bosses

During in your performance, try to kick the ball early in which you can do this when it is not even touching your targeting reticle
Doing so will also count as a hit.
Anyway, letting it go just a little bit past your reticle will be counted as a miss
Do not let it happen in the next shots

Sometimes, you may see that the ball may ricochet back to you at an alarmingly high speed.
In line with this, you can try to make a good combo, while trying to pre-judge how fast your next shot will be
If you can do this well, you will have a heads up and you will not be caught off guard completely.

Always practice your timing to make the perfect shots.
Consider to never miss the kick and always aim the standing enemies in front to beat since this will give you more coins to unlock new characters


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