Collect Coins to Unlock New Characters in Glob Trotters iPhone

Glob Trotters – Endless Arcade Blobber developed by Fliptus can be included into a new endless jumping gaem which is dedicated to the iOS and Android users

glob trotters walkthrough ios android

Similar to any endless jumping game out there, all you will do is to tap and release to collect the matching globs

When performing your action, if you select the wrong color, you will go into little jelly bits
Playing this game will really test your reflexes, rack up points then unlock the whole cast of adorable trotters such as Cat, Squidtupus, Koala, Rabbit, Pig, Astronaut, Marmalade Jar, Leafy, Dino, Dog your collection.

In other words, all you will do in this game is to run through the correctly-colored blocks that you can do by holding and letting go of the screen, in which you will keep doing this to get the highest score as you can.
Meanwhile, you will also be tasked to collect coins and get new gifts

During your action, every time you go through a jelly in the same color, you will be granted with one point
And, if you go through the wrong color jelly, you lose the round.

Once making a good progress along the game, you will get more score points in the round, and the jellies will switch colors more often
Plus, they will be more erratic, forcing you to have to use quicker reflexes to keep going.

On the other side, you will collect one coin for every one point you are scoring
In order to get more coins in this game, all you will do is to watch the advertisement videos
Just tap on the little creature logo saying XXX to go!
After watching the ad video, you will get 50 coins

Moreover, you can simply tap the gift button to get a free gift
If you have enough coins, you can purchase a new character.
In line with this, every character will perform the same way, but each of them will add a bit of customization to the game, as well as an element of collection

Anyway, your character will move with the same speed all throughout the game
In accordance with this, if you can get the hang of surviving erratic color changes, you can go on to gain high score and get coins in this game.

In addition, if you want to get a new character, you can go to the character select screen then select the ones which you do not have unlocked yet.
At this point, you can unlock one of them via a Facebook like
Or, if you are generous, you can unlock them with 99 cents for one new character.


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