Collect Coins to Unlock New Characters in Brick Rage iPhone

Brick Rage – Not for the Weak Heart from Soulgame Information brings the genre of a new endless brick shooting game which is specially designed for the iOS and Android devices.

brick rage walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to shoot some more bricks and clear some more lines to get high score
Meanwhile, you must also unlock new weapons and gather up more coins as you go.

To play this game, you will merely swipe to direct the missing bricks into place
And, you will do this column by column, while clearing rows before the wall crashes down on your path.

In order to clear lines, you will have to fire a shot into the empty area on the lowest line.
There, if you see some multiple empty areas are in the same position next to each other, your shots will be equal to the number in that area.

But, if you misfire, you are prompted to shoot shots into every single other column which will make a new line to continue your journey.

Coins here can be said as the premium currency of this game that you can get in any other way
In the way of collecting easy coins, you can merely watch the promotional video

Once collecting enough coins, you will be able to unlock new characters such as Matrix, Null, Lightsaber Red, Lightsaber Blue, Nuke, Hammer and Spell

Moreover, if you have 100 coins, you can get a new toy from the gacha which will let you shoot a different toy shape at the toy.
In line with this, you will be able to gather up all new toys for 100 coins apiece

During the gameplay, always consider to stay alert of the red lines
These red lines will take two hits to eliminate them
Besides, there is also green lines which will destroy multiple holes after they get hit.

You will also deal with a combination of red lines and multiple columns which will come to different combination.


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