Collect Coins to Unlock New Characters in All Limpy Run iPhone

All Limpy Run from Crazy Labs is a challenging endless runner game dedicated to the ios and android users around the world

all limpy run walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will take a race of running against alligators, elephants, lions, mummies and more
If you are the winner, you will get some coins to unlock new characters including Little Yo, Pongo, Prima-Tina, Sabra, Pipi, Yossi, Skippy, Leon, Greg and Dino

During on your run, you may need to wait until your runner to get close to the obstacle then get over and jump
When doing so, you will see two green arrows over your character’s head which means you are in high speed

If you can successfully jump at that moment, you will get such bonus
But, if you are doing it too early you will miss out on the boost.

You may try to tilt your screen a little bit to the left which increase your concentration to deal with obstacles and hurdles better.

In related to collect some coins, they may sometimes float in mid air.
To get them, you will need to jump up to reach them
Sometimes, when the obstacles are there too much, just forget about them and get them later
It is caused by you will get a free gift if you run in daily basis in this game

On the other side, you may think to double jump to clear the hurdle.
Anyway, if you see the obstacles get really dense, you may not need to do a double jump.


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