Collect Coins to Unlock New Animals in Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari iPhone

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari from Featherweight Games brings an addictive endless runner game which is specifically deigned for the ios and android platforms

rodeo stampede sky zoo safari walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will ride a horse as a cowboy or cowgirl jumping from animal to animal and unlock them to be added in your skygoing zoo.

If you can add more enclosures you will make more money in form of coins from zoo cruises
Then, you will ride around to jump on and befriend even more animals to be added into your zoo.

Here, every animal comes along with different characteristics such as speed, strength, etc
In line with this, if you ride them too long you will make them angry.
If you ride the buffalo it will be slow to anger, but it will also be slow to run
Sometimes, that buffalo will try to buck you off, which will cause it to change directions in random.

On the other side, if you ride elephants, they are lightning fast, which may smash through any other animal
Besides, such animals may anger fast, and they will even send you flying when they are angry during in their journey

As said earlier, you will collect coins along the way
By jumping from one animal to another in a cruise, you will make money coins
And, you can choose animal that you will ride on your journey
At this point, just go to your zoo enclosure and tap the animal to select them to be ridden on your next journey.
Early on the game, you can try riding on elephants because of their speed and strength.

Meanwhile, to get more coins all you will do is to have your journey started in a cruise
Moreover, you can smash through any crate along the way to earn about 5-10 coins from each crate.
In order to start your cruise early, you can use your coins.

If you want to get more coins, you must try to complete missions so that you can then unlock a new area, which will give you a chance to collect more animals to be ridden to run through a different zone.

In addition, you must upgrade your zoo enclosures which will allow you to get more money by performing your action in a cruise.
There, always watch for coins popping up randomly in your zoo
Each time you see them scattered on the board, just go to tap them to get coins for free.


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