Collect Coins to Get Rare Heroes in Mine Heroes iPhone

Kick9 has launched Mine Heroes bringing the RPG genre and a great setting game which you can play on the ios devices recently.

mine heroes walkthrough ios android

Here, you guide your heroes to explore all mines and defend your own from invaders them lead them to be superstars.

Along the game, you will also be assigned to complete your daily quests to get some quick resources such as free Spare Parts to upgrade your Train Engine and help you make a progress through the game fast.

Early on the game, you must lean all heroes, consisting of their stats and their special skills.
Each hero here will have different actions

You can play as Jones who can blast all enemies around him
Also, if you want to play a girl hero you can go for Niya who can attack in a straight line from a distance.
Be sure to activate each skill at the perfect time

Later on, you will have to level up your heroes by tapping the Study button to invest the books used to level up quickly.

Doing so will make your hero replenish in automatic, and you will need to spend the study points to level them up.

Besides, you can also promote your heroes by spending the required Materials
Just try to equip items and enhance them then change them between them.

In line with this, enhancing the good items will greatly improve the skills of your heroes and keep them competitive.

Ont he other side, you must also try to defend your mine by creating a maze or a long walking tunnel which enemy heroes have to go through.

You can make it like a snake such as in the description |_|-| and keep on doing this.
If enemy heroes have to cover in the greater distance, you will have chances to run out of oxygen and you will have to keep your treasure safe.

In the mean time, you must also place the maximum amount of defenses while enhancing the mine defenses from the Machinery menu.

Later on, each time, you get three star a mission, you will be able to do raids, as a mission completion.

At this point, you can pick the mission to complete based on the potential drops
If you can complete such mission, you will get rare equipment or heroes

Moreover, you will also get resources and gain XP points for your Heroes to level them up.
Once completing a chapter in Adventure mode successfully, you will be able to unlock Exploration
Then, just tap the button in the lower left corner in Adventure mode to go to the Exploration stages which will give you more rewards by completing it

For further, you will also get a chance to collect more heroes with coins that you can collect by completing each mission given by this game

To get new heroes, you can play and replay the in-game missions, adventure or especially Explorations as they will give you new heroes after completing them.


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