Collect Cash to Get More Pot in Weed Firm 2 Back to College Android

Weed Firm 2: Back to College from manitobagames can be said as the sequel of Weed Firm franchise which had been popular on the ios and android long time ago

weed firm 2 back to college walkthrough ios android

Now this game, Weed Firm 2: Back to College is set to the android platform and it may be launched on the apple store in the next updates

In this new series, you will also see familiar characters such as Malone and the alien, and new characters alike.

What make this game different is that it puts more emphasis on smoking weed in the game.
At this point, you will have to smoke with your customers to increase your respect meter.

In accordance with this, smoking up will then maintain your own high.
In order to get your respect meter filled high, all you will do is to watch a free video or tap the share button there.

Anyway, you will need more pot to get these steps worked successfully
For such reasons, just grow as much as possible while getting the number of pots maxed out

Then, once you have leveled up your character, you will get more money, and you can start replacing pots with better pots.
At this point, you will need tap the chairs underneath of them which will make you get rid of them
Or, you can just let Malone steal them.

In the way of increasing your respect meter, always be sure to load up on weed
Therefore, you do not have to turn customers away when they come to the door, because that will drop the respect meter as well.

Always keep the respect meter full, as you will get a better price for your product, and your customers will also have other items which they will want to sell you.
According to this, you can get the fake growers’ license which will keep Malone at bay
And, get the safe to hide your money from the gangsters.

On the other side, you will also have to get the key to the changing room from Dean Crook
For such reasons, you can then grow Magic Mushrooms, that the aliens like.

In line with this, just get the universal translator from Veluna Mankasian, so that you can understand what the aliens are saying.

In addition, you will have to try attract more visitors that you can do by customizing your room
Besides, with the respect meter in mind, you can grow and stash as much weed as you can

Because of attracting more visitors, you will end up running out of weed more easily.
Sometimes, you will get the customers overwhelming you, which will make you sign out of the game for awhile and wait your pot to keep growing
Then, go back and collect it later to harvest the weed for cash, the premium currency of this game.


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