Collect Cash Envelope in Office Rumble iPhone

Pnix Games with Office Rumble will bring you to rumble in the office and take the battles out of the office to places such as Times Square, the subway, a local bar, the beach, and more
Anyway this game can be categorized into a bizarre new fighting game or RPG hybrid specifically designed for iOS and Android platforms.

office rumble walkthrough ios android

Playing in this game will bring you to see everyone’s favorite office stereotypes, from the chatterbox to the Instafabulous chick to the guy who pukes at every party he goes to
All of them will be put together and thrown into the ring, and they are equipped with rapid and devastating attacks to use against each other.

To play this game is pretty simple as you will merely tap and hold on the left side of the screen to block
Then, tap and hold on the right side of the screen to perform a flurry of attacks.

Performing a blocking take you less damage but it can be very tough to find an opening to attack
In line with this, you should watch for the slightest lull in movement of your opponent, then you can try to hold the attack side.

To make the battle go by instantly, you can hit the auto button but your character will lapse too frequently and get attacked though.
And, to stop an attack, you can simply swap in another one of your party members and attack right away
Or, you can take a friend’s leader with you and swap them in, then use them for as long as you can.

Early on this game, you can try to start your battle with a weaker character rather than a stronger character.
Then, you can swap them out when you see them to be defeated in the battlefield
Next, when you break the enemy’s combo, you can start attacking in a quick time to get them beaten at once
But remember that do not let up until you win.
Also, if you have more party members, it will highly be recommended to use this strategy.

This game will mainly feature cash or money as the main currency that you will need to upgrade your character
Once going through tough battle, you must upgrade your characters with cash or money that you have collected every time you beat your opponents
In accordance with this, you will be served with two ways to upgrade your character, both of which involve sacrificing other office workers.

The upgrade increases the base stats and the upgrade level of your party member
Here, you can sacrifice someone who is of the same letter grade rarity for a 100% chance at making it work.
You can also power up to sacrifice up to six other office workers to increase your experience level.
You can use this to put you over the top if you have a hard time beating a tough opponent.

On the other side, you can have a chance of getting free gear and workers as a reward for beating a level
By completing the level, you can get more experience points without having to boost
Later on, if you wan to get free gear and exp, you can simply go back to an old level and play it again.

Beside, you can also use the coins to purchase more hires and more gear
Also, make sure to claim all of the free stuff that you get after beating that level.


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