Collect 3 Stars to Get Gems in Legendary Game of Heroes iPhone

N3twork Inc. has come to the apple store and android market along with their newest game entitled Legendary Game of Heroes

legendary game of heroes walkthrough ios android

This game can be categorized into a fantasy puzzle RPG with a fantasy themed collectible card game
Along the game, you will mix and match colored gems in this typical match-3 puzzle game and you will then lead your team consisting of fearsome fighters to dominate the game

When managing your party, make sure to keep a healer hero in your team.
This kind of heroes such as the Flamebound Monk and the Sharhein Healer have a heart icon on their card front

Such heroes have skills to heal you for a certain percentage multiplied by their generally higher recovery rate.

Besides, they can also turn certain gems into heart gems
Doing so can help you recover from a severe hit.
Note that you will only rely on heart gems and have a back up healer during in the battlefield

Early on the game, make sure to examine the board carefully and consider to make combos to gain more stars
If you can get all of the stars in a campaign quest you will get a nice gem
You can move that gems diagonally

If you are about to manage your party, never use too many heroes of the same element
A red castle is host to many fire elemental cards
Anyway, try to go into the deck selection screen where you will see the title of the level with an element symbol next to it.

No matter the composition of your team, you will still get all types of element gems on the board. Sometimes, you may have two or three cards of the advantageous elemental type
In line with this, you can make a good deck consisting of three water heroes, a fire hero, a dark hero, and a light hero.

As you may have known that gems are essential in this game to get rare cards consisting some powerful heroes

In order to get new cards, make sure to take part in a guild
There, if a player chooses your card as their ally card, you will get 30 honor points

Then, when you are in any of the timed quests, such as Scavenge, Craft Potions, or Bounty Hunt, you will get honor points used exclusively to purchase Honor XP Packs from the card store.

And, such packs will give you one 3-star hero, one XP potion, one catalyst, stamina and gold.
When a player is one your friends list, pick their card specifically.
If you can accept new friends you get 100 honor points
Plus, getting your card chosen by a friend will earn you 30 honor points.

Every time you get The Starter Pack it consists of four 3-star minimum heroes, a 4-star Lunia Abomination card, 50,000 gold, 100 stamina, and 20 XP potions
It means that, all for the price can be 1,500 gems.

Ont the other side, the gold Premium Hero x11 pack can be 5,000 gems, that you can get ten 3 star minimum heroes, and one 4-star minimum card.

And, those 3-star heroes can be a 5 or 6 star if you get lucky enough
You can also get the silver Premium Hero pack for 500 gems for a single 3-star minimum card, plus three bonus cards that can be catalysts, XP potions, stamina, or gold.


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