Colect Food to Solve Puzzle in Nibblers iPhone

There are a bunch of a matching three game available on the apple store right now
Seemingly, such genre seems to be popular game that may have been played by some people from any ages

nibblers walkthrough ios android

Recently, Rovio has lunched its newest game called Nibblers that is a match-3 puzzler game featuring funny aquatic creatures

Along the game, you will have to match the best combinations of fruits to clear certain enemies on the board and go to the next level to beat another foes for score points

Here, you can also summon and use each Nibbler in which the lavender angler-fish will pop up if you can match four of the same fruit.
This the lavender angler-fish will be useful to be launched in any of four directions to clear one row or column.

And, if you can match five fruits in an L or T shape, you can get Bitelings to clear rows and columns in each of the four directions.

Also, matching five fruits in a line will make a stout Nibbler, Octo come up to break through three rows or columns when it is launched there.

You can also use Bouncer to clear an entire board in one drop, in which you have to cascade multiple combinations on the board.

Once going to a reptile level, static reptiles can be taken out by any adjacent fruit match.
If you see moving reptiles, be sure hit them twice with matches on their heads.

In this level, both the snake-like reptiles and the turtle-like reptiles can be taken out by a Nibbler. Try to match a fruit combo near the mud reptiles to go to a new place on the board such as in a more convenient location

Always focus on collecting food and consider to launch the Nibblers if you have amassed a bunch of fruit which will contribute to your goal.

Do not seek a moving target, the mud reptile, since you will not know where he will land if triggered by a nearby match
In the mean time, be sure to clear mud and let him go wherever he wants.

For further, you can then use spitters to target a reptile since they will fill your board with sticky goo in which it will make it more difficult to get the matches as you hope.

On the other side, you will also get an option to watch a video for collecting an extra bonus Nibbler
And, if you get two nibblers into each other’s path, the rows and columns that they can clear will change based upon which you use to trigger the move.

In line with this, you can make an experiment to them to see which order will give you the best clearing pattern to fill the goals.

If you are dealing with reptiles, they will only be stunned temporarily.
So, just take them out within three moves to make the most of your matches.

Meanwhile, you can also make a match nearby to move a mud reptile in which it may go to the path of a Nibbler
Next, you can simply drag to where you want to go later on.


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