Coins VIP Ticket Cheats SongPop 2 iPhone

SongPop 2 from FreshPlanet seems to be the biggest of trivia song game that is specifically designed for mobile platforms, ios and android

songpop 2 puzzle clues ipad android

In this new series, the addition of all kinds of new music and some new methods of play, such as PvE or player vs computer modes, will be added here

Here, you will be able to listen to clips from over 100,000 songs, such as Today’s Hits, Classic Rock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop Pop, Indie, Latin Hits, and more and you must guess the correct artist or title quickly for points and earn coins for vip tickets

Playing in party mode will bring you to compete against hundreds of players in daily tournaments where you will also climb your rank into higher one that will earn you big cool prizes

Early on the game, you will be served with a bunch of questions about genres of music that you like, what decades you like, and an assortment of music packages based upon what you have chosen.

At this point, you will be allowed to change your beginning pack by deleting the game, then reinstalling it, before logging into your Facebook account with it.
Also, you will get more coins to purchase more music packs later.

If you are not yet ready to play it online, you can practice with the computer.
In this PvE mode, the computer will put up a good fight in battles of music recognition
In line with this, you will also learn by repetition what songs are which
And, your answers related to the artist or the title of a song will be a lot quicker and more accurate.

Once making a good progress, you will get more stars for each music genre package and you will also earn some coins
With these stars that you have got, you will unlock more songs within the same package.

So, just keep playing the packages to recognize each song clip to reveal what is the exact title or artist of each song.
Afterward, you can then go onto a different package and do the same thing to be used for multiplayer battles especially.

On the other side, when playing in the single player mode, you use up one coin for every time you play against the computer.

In order to win more coins, you will have to participate in the multiplayer mode.
In this mode, you will challenge your friends to guess what the title or artist of the song
Anyone who can give the best answer of each song will get more coins as reward

You can invite your friend to play this game, so that you can play against them later on.
By playing in multiplayer mode, you will get a big chance to keep winning more coins and improving at the game.
moreover, everyone has their own genre packs so if you play with more people, you can diversify your musical knowledge in this game.

In addition, you can get a chance to get VIP ticket in special events
Meanwhile, by winning in multiplayer mode will also lead you to get that reward


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