Coins to Unlock Secret Characters in Disney Crossy Road iPhone

Disney Crossy Road is the 8-bit endless adventure crossing game by Disney
This game is dedicated to the ios and android users and featuring popular Disney`s characters from the Disney universe

disney crossy road walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to tap and swipe your way to cross the road with your character
You will play with a number of 100+ Disney and Pixar figurines to dodge crazy and unexpected obstacles for gold coins

Later on, with the collected coins, you will unlock new characters which are start from common, rare, epic to legendary ones
Moreover, mystery characters can also be unlocked in the later updates

To get more coins, you can firstly play with Hamm which is the only character in the entire game earning you more coins.
When playing with Hamm, you can get red coins which are worth five coins apiece.
Besides, Hamm is the only character in the game coming along with a rarity of legendary

On the other side, you can also collect new characters which are common, uncommon, rare and legendary ones by spinning the wheel of the gacha, or the gumball machine.
You will get a chance of earning a common character, a rare, and even earning an epic one.

Here, you can get Hamm character with the gacha machine.
So, just keep spinning the machine to get Hamm appeared on the board to collect

Meanwhile, you can also get new characters from the Disney world such as Mickey and friends
In line with this, you can unlock the secret mystery characters as well

In order to get Dale, you must firstly unlock the Fab 5 character consisting of Mickey, Polka Dot Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto.
After you have unlocked them, you will get Dale unlocked automatically

For further, you can then play with Mickey, then jump ahead until you unlock a big clearing
Once entering the clearing, you can then hop up to Mortimer, and pass him and keep going until you die so that you can unlock Mortimer

To unlock Zootopia, you must firstly unlock Attila the Viking then use Attila and get 50 cupcakes, which will make you unlock Warthog automatically.

Furthermore, you may need to unlock Captain of the Guard, in which you must unlock Maximus from the gacha machine first.
You will then play with Maximus and collect 50 red apples.
If you can finish the stage, you will be able to unlock Captain of the Guard in automatic.

You will then get to unlock the Humble Beginnings set including Simba, Nala, Rafiki and Zazu.
If you can unlock all of those sets, the Hippo will be unlocked in automatic.
In addition, you will then have to unlock all characters which will come in the next updates


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