Coins to Unlock New Submarines in Tiny Sea Adventures iPhone

Kongregate has launched Tiny Sea Adventures as a new game on the apple store and android market
Here, all you will do is to guide a submarine while avoiding all of the fish and collecting stars and coins to unlock new submarines such as Tentacles Pirate, Octopus, Turtle, Walrus, Snow Man, Ice Cream and White Bear.

tiny sea adventures walkthrough ios android

Before playing the game, it will be better to learn the controls that you want to use to guide your character on the screen

The bottom of the screen is a virtual joystick, whereby you must keep your finger there and use it to control your submarine.

Sometimes, you may find many fish on the screen, which will get you to avoid them to get stars and coins at ease
In order to get rid of them, try to swim around them and get them to follow you
At the same time, you can let them ram each other, so that they will disappear, which will make a wide room to maneuver.

Coins in this game seem to be the premium currency that you can collect in any other way
At this point, you can get them as a free gift when you complete a stage in the game
Moreover, you can get them more by watching the promotional videos by tapping the video button
Every time, you have watched an ad video, you will be granted with 15 free coins

On the other side, you will have to get some stars to move up to the next level.
If you can go through level, you will find a bunch of coins to be available as a bonus.
Plus, each time, you login into Kongregate, you can also get 200 free coins

Once collecting 200 coins, you can then spin for a new submarine.
Therefore, just try to get some coins and spin for submarines as your collection


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