Coins to Unlock New Characters in Disney Emoji Blitz iOS

If you are a big fan of matching three games, you may have played Disney Emoji Blitz on your phone
Recently, this game is still to be a enjoyable and fast paced Match 3 game with formula for the ios and android devices.

disney emoji blitz new characters ios

As you may have known that this game features currencies in form of gold coins and gems that you can get for free in the game

In order to get them more, you can get them in The Free Prize box available on the Emoji Shop
Here, you will be able to get free coins every eight hours.

Sometimes, you will get to collect items, special symbols showing up on the playing field
You can get them all from the bottom of the board.
At the same time, you can also earn coins when collecting items
Besides, you may get gems, power-ups, or a Blitz bonus when doing that activity

Coins here can be used to unlock more emojis.
Once having coins, just tap the More Emoji button on the bottom of the main game screen.
There, you will go to your Emoji Collection, and tap the ‘Emoji Shop’ icon to get new emojis with your coins that you have collected from the game.

Every time, you unlock new emoji, they come along with a bonus, such as extra points to gain.
You can also get items, which comes to a collection of more points and an increased multiplier.
To get more points, just activate a Blitz mode

In the mission, you will have to get them completed for items, coins and gems
By completing missions, you will also level up your character fast

After your character has leveled up, you will unlock things and boost your score, and gain coins.
You can use them to get boxes which will give you a chance to unlock new Emojis.

In this game, you can collect over 400 different characters and items
Then, you can use the unlocked emojis outside of the game, via a keyboard addition.


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