Coins to Unlock New Character in Steppy Pants iPhone

Steppy Pants is the product of Super Entertainment as a walking simulator game for the ios and android platforms

steppy pants walkthrough ios android

Here, you will try to survive on the road while trying to avoid the perilous obstacle course coming up on the city’s sidewalk.

To avoid each of them, you must time your steps and you must also watch out for the pesky cracks in the sidewalk

In order to survive in the game, try to do light taps.
If you hold your finger down longer, you will stretch your legs further.
At this point, stretching too far will make the splits, which will make your walk be over
Because of this, performing light taps will be necessary to control your steps gently

After having your rhythm of walking, you may encounter cracks in the sidewalk.
Do not touch any part of the crack or you will trip and fall down there
To solve this, always remember to do light taps
Be sure not to tap too lightly so that you will not go far enough to clear the crack.

In the way of solving the cracks on the sidewalk, you may sometimes notice that they are close enough to each other
If you see this, you may bypass them along the way.

At that time, just hold down your tap longer and stretch your legs out further to cross the cracks in one piece.
Always remember not to hold it any longer
Also, always be careful of your timing when stepping forward

During in your action, you will see a delivery truck come by and bring you a present in a couple of minute
You will find some coins inside it
So, always enable notifications to let you know when your next free delivery is ready to collect.
With this coins, you can purchase new outfits for your character.


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