Coins to Unlock Gacha Character in Splashy Cats iPhone

Splashy Cats Endless Zigzag Waterslide Arcade Game is also known as a new endless river inner-tube surfing game that you can play both on the ios and android devices

splashy cats walkthrough ios android

Here, all you will do is to guide your cats to go as far as you can without hitting water.
At the same time, you will also have to collect coins to unlock new cats as your collection

When guiding your cat, always try to keep your cat closing to the middle of the path
During the game, always look ahead before going to which path to go in the game
In line with this, you can aim at the middle, which will make you easier to avoid the walls

To get more coins, you will get them during in your journey
Additionally, you will earn more by watching the ad videos from the developer

At the end of the game, you will often be served with a free gift
In accordance with this, based upon the time interval, you will earn around 100 coins or more from that popping up gift

Then, you will also be served with promotional videos offer popping up at the end of the stage
When they come up at that time, just watch them to earn free coins

Later on, when having 100 coins, you can purchase a new character from the gacha.
These characters will simply provide customization so that you can play with the different appearance


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