Coins to Unlock Fast Car in Smashy Cars io iPhone

Smashy Cars io or Smashy is the game related to a racing game with a great blitz type or retro graphics that you can play both on the ios and android devices

smashy cars io walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to collect the flag and hold onto it any longer
In the mean time, you will also get to dodge the opponent cars trying to steal it from you.

Similar to any racing car game out there, you will get to collect some faster cars to win each race
Anyway, you may stick to the flag by having a really fast car
It is caused by, if you have a fast car, the other cars will not be able to get yours
Also, you can hold onto the flag for a long time.

Later on, every time you unlock a new car you must test it
Therefore, just play with the fastest one to get victory in each race

As said earlier, you may consider to keep the flag as long as you can to be the first to get it
According to this, just use the countdown timer before the race starts
Because of this, you will be able to see the direction in which the flag is indicated by the arrow
Thus, you can then launch your car to that direction as fast as possible

When racing with the fastest car, you can perform a 180 degrees turn where your rival will get confused and you can keep on running.
Always do 180 degrees turns, especially when you are behind a house.

In this game, keeping the flag is the main point and if another car hits your car, you must take it back.
You can do this by going in reverse where you can press both sides of your display

At the same time, you can anticipate the moves of your rival.
So,if they go to the left, you will know if a house is there, whereby you should get a shortcut to the other side by going the other way.
For such reasons, anticipating their moves will lead you the way to get a victory.

After having a bunch of racing time, you will get coins, the premium currency of this game
With these coins, you can unlock all cars easily.

In order to get more coins, you will get free gift boxes containing large amounts of coins that will come up every several hours
Just keep playing to have all cars unlocked especially for the fastest one that will guide you to have more victories and coins used to unlock the newest cars.


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