Coins to Refill Lives in Trivia Crack Kingdoms iPhone

If you ever played Trivia Crack on your phone months ago, you may heard that this game has the newest series called Trivia Crack Kingdoms which has recently been launched on the App Store and Google Play store

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In this new series, you will be served with many new features such as customizable questions, specialized channels where you can search to try to find a channel as well.

You can also get a chance to challenge your friends based on what channel which you and your friends have a lot of knowledge in.
Also, you can challenge random people to get more practice, especially in topics which is new for you

You can also create your own in the Profile tab in the bottom tab bar, then you can add some questions where you can make a good channel out of it
Do not infringe any copyrights or the game will reject it
In line with this, you will not be able to include questions to pre-existing channels yet

Early on the game, you will be served with the nine available boxes which will contain the king inside one of them
Be sure to answer his question correctly to win a crown.

The mechanic of playing this game is to get all five crowns before your opponent does so that you will be the champion of each stage.

Sometimes, you may hit the king question immediately
On the other side, you will be asked to go through all eight other boxes first.

This game will require lives to keep playing on the next levels
In accordance with this, you will lose one life each time that you start a new game, or you accept a new game challenge.

You may run out of lives that you can redeem either by purchasing them more from iaps or waiting for them to refill, which may take an hour per life.

Coin is the premium currency of this game
Besides, you will also be tasked to collect coins to purchase some items in the game
At this point, you have to complete each level successfully and win coins as reward
Thus, challenge your friends to have a chance to collect some more coins for free


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