Coins to Get Super Character in Trio Ketchapp iPhone

Ketchapp has presented Trio as a new endless game for the ios and android users
Here, you will guide a shape going through a zig-zagging course automatically

trio walkthrough ios android

To guide it, all you will do is to tap the screen to change shape
If you can guide it successfully, you will face the next obstacle and collect your points.

Similar to any endless games out there, your main objective is to get the highest score
In the mean time, you must also collect coins to unlock super character

If you want to guide this shape successfully, always try to memorize the order appear on the board.
Early on the level, you will start with a sphere
Afterward, you will go with a triangle after one tap
Then, in the next tap, you will go with a tall skinny rectangle.

In accordance with this, memorizing the order that the shapes appear is necessary as this will guide you to go through the next gate
Sometime, they will show up fast if you have high points which will make you tap fast as well

Note that, every shape gate will come up in a different color, whereby you must associate the shape with the color in your mind to increase your reaction time.

In a glance, make sure to see the color associating with the shape such as triangles for blue gates
If you can do so well, you may not need to look closely at the gate.

After a couple of stages, you will see a free gift of coins popping up to collect
Besides, you will also get more coins by watching an advertisement video
So, just watch the video to get free gift of coins.

Once getting 100 coins, you can purchase a new character which will change the appearance of your shape
According to this, you may be challenged to collect them all as the collection

To play this game, you must know and memorize the shapes and the colors
Because of this, the game will guide you to follow the rhythm of the popping up shape and the right gate to get through by that particular shape


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