Coins to Get New Team in Headshot Heroes iPhone

Headshot Heroes is the sports game or an endless runner type of game developed by Chillingo which is designed specially for the iOS platform

headshot heroes walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide your soccer teams where you will merely tap to pass then shoot to make a score
Besides, you will also collect some upgrades and new teams

Along the game, you will have a limited time to pass and shoot
In line with this, you must focus on what side of the field you are on

If you can do so well, you can pass to someone on the very edge of the field since from the edge of the field, you will get one possibility to spot a defender.
Thus, you can also hit the opposite side to pass again

As usual, this game will need coins to be used to get new teams
In accordance with this, having new teams will improve your performance to make a good progress through the game

At this point, every team will be unlocked in the store
Be sure to save up your coin for a gigantic statistical improvement.

On the other side, you can also purchase upgrades for your team
Just get all of the time upgrades to keep playing in later levels
You can also purchase the coin upgrades to get more coins per headshot, perfect shot, or complete shot.

In order to do a perfect shot, just wait until the bar reaches 100 percent
In the mean time, you can then kick when the opposing goalie is on the other side of the goal.

You can also do a headshot with the same trick above
According to this, just wait until the goalie is on the side of the goal you are kicking on.
Then, you can perform a 100% shot to make the ball go to the opposing goalie
Doing this will allow you to collect their head, so that you can get even bigger rewards

In addition, you can also set up a streak of perfect shots and headshots
It is caused by if your streak goes longer, you will be able to collect more coins per goal.


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