Coins to Get New Ships Weapons in Twin Shooter Invaders iPhone

Twin Shooter: Invaders from eRepublik Labs can be categorized into a new retro arcade-style space shooter game that you can play both on the ios and android phones

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All you will do here is to shoot the enemy ships appearing without blowing up your own two ships.
Here, you will control two ships at the same time and you must get through as many waves as you can without shooting yourself
When doing so, be sure not to let any enemy ships get through.

Anyway, playing in the one player mode and the two player mode will be the same.
The difference is in the warnings to start with such as Don’t shoot yourself vs Be nice to each other
And, playing two player mode splits up the coins which each player collects, then they all end up in the same total later in the game.

Sometimes, you may want to ply this game in a vertical perspective
At this point, you can simply set one of your ships all the way in the corner
Then, flip the phone 90 degrees, which will make the corner-sitter your top ship, while your bottom ship is the one that you will move around.

Even-though, you will face off against ships shooting at you, it will be a little bit less effective to play this game in such perspective.

Every time, you can successfully complete each level, you will be granted with gold coins, which is like a cosmetics in this game

In the way of collecting 250 free coins, you can merely watch an ad video popping up once every six hours in the iap store

To get them more, you can do the time lapse trick to set the time on your phone into six hours forward to make the video become available again.
Once they have been available, you can them again to get more coins
Later on, you can then do this action to grab a bunch of coins instantly

After getting enough coins with that trick, you can go back to the date and time settings to set them back to normal

After getting enough coins, you can spend them on new ships.
You can also have the best weapon which will give you some bullets attached to each ship
Later on, you may consider to get power upgrade in form of power-ups that will appear randomly when you use the ship.

When you see the pink missile icons, they represent smart bombs which can destroy everything on screen
you can use them to battle with bosses.
Except pink missiles, you will get orange missiles which is are homing missiles.
And, you will also get green shields which will allow your ships to resist a hit at a time
Next, you can also use the blue clock to slow down everything on the screen in specific period.


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