Coins to Get New Character in Gravity Square iPhone

Kongregate has launched Gravity Square as a new endless game on the apple store and android market
Seemingly, this game features Atari-esque graphics along with great gameplay to play with

gravity square walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to avoid crashing into walls and go as far as you can to reach high score points and collect coins to unlock new characters during the gameplay

When being in the middle of the game, you will know which side to switch your character by looking at whether your character will be dropping or rising at the next elevation change.
If you see your character is about to drop, just leave him as is.
And, if you see he will rise, you can then switch him to the other side by tapping on the screen.

In the mean time, you need to avoid getting too sidetracked by the distracting worlds whereby you must focus on the features of the land itself.
At this point, you can try to turn the phone as the game screen turns
Or, you can leave the phone orientation alone to focus on the game.

Coins are the premium currency of this game that you can use to purchase new character
In the way of collecting free coins, you can merely watch the promotional videos
Alternatively, if you want to get coins fast and easy, just go to the iaps to purchase the double-coin power up which will allows you to get coins at ease

On the other side, you may need to get stars which will take you to access the character select store and get a new character there.
Note that, every character in this game will play the same as every other character as they give a new appearance and new customization.


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