Coins to Get Longbow in Kick the Buddyman Origins iPhone

Inventain Mobile has launched Kick the Buddyman Origins on the apple store as a free-to-play game.
As usual, your main goal is merely to beat up on Buddyman with all manner of weapons such as Beretta pistol, AK 47 and any other available weapons

kick the buddyman origins walkthrough ios android

Besides, every time you can beat him, you will be rewarded with coins used to purchase more entertaining ways to wail on Buddyman.

Once collecting these coins, you can get an access to purchase more weapons, as each non-premium weapon costs 700 coins to get.

In line with these coins, you will get a free gift containing coins when you knock off Buddyman
This gift will often give you about 500 coins per gift.

According to this gift, it usually starts off at about five minutes, then goes to a half an hour, and so forth.

For such reasons, if you want to get the free gift as fast as you want, you can simply set the time ahead on your phone, then kill Buddyman, so that it will make the free gift button appear more often.

Once the free gift button comes up, be sure not to open it right away.
At this point, just go back to the date and time settings on your phone again then set the time back to normal.
Afterward, you can go back to the game and open the free gift to redeem your coins for your collection.

When performing your action, you may often see that this Buddyman will always run around a lot
And, he may stumble around drunkenly which makes it hard to get him.

You will also see the he will often be pulled in whatever direction based on how your phone is tilted
Therefore, tilting your phone diagonally will make him get stuck in a corner, so that you will easily beat him in that spot

On the other side, you can also get more coins by tapping the Earn Coins button after completing each round in the game.

Just do this as you will see a video to come up and play
After watching the ad video, you will get your reward containing a bunch of coins for free.


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