Coins Score Cheats in Adrenaline Rush Miami Drive iPhone

Bulkypix launched the newest game which is in form of the grooviest car chase on the scene called adrenaline miami rush

adrenaline rush miami drive strategy guides

Here, you ca buckle up and get ready to drive for freedom where you will take a role as Ray Carlton, a driver who is not exactly on the cops’ good side.

During your racing time, you will be assigned to gather up some coins, as well as attempting takedowns, and more in this exciting chase.

This game is a pretty simple but it is action packed game which shows you how to get the most coins and perform the most takedowns

Before going for a takedown, you have to try to wait a split second
Takedowns are accomplished by running into the side of a car.
At the beginning of the game, it will be a little hard to judge when will reach the cars in front of you.

If you are trying to do it too early, you will end up rear ending the car in front.
Here, you can simply wait until you are about right next to the car, then swipe in for the kill whereby this may the safest approach, since you will almost always hit them with your tail.

Throughout the game, make sure you watch out for obstacles
Obstacles are highlighted by bright obvious red “stop” signs.
And when hitting any of these, the game means a game over.
When hitting the oil slick, it will dramatically decrease your turning ability, which puts you at high risk for rear ending someone.
So just try to avoid this at all costs

Anyway, you will also be assigned to complete the missions so that you can make progress through the game.
In line with this, some of them are rather straightforward, such as drive a certain distance or collect a certain amount of coins, but others are more specific.
On the other side, some missions require you to use temporary power ups which you need to purchase with coins.

After making some progresses through the game, you have to upgrade your car for later missions
In accordance with this, you must have some power ups, in which you can also spend your coins on permanent upgrades for your car
These range from making the coin picks up worth more to increasing the duration of the various power ups that you can purchase.
So make sure to grab some upgrades with all of your coins

In addition, make sure to fill up the coin rush bar that you can do along the game
Everytime you do a takedown, the meter at the bottom fills up highly in which it is the coin rush bar
Then, when it is full, just enter coin rush mode, and you will pick ups double coins

So make sure to constantly do some takedowns though, as the meter is constantly draining.
When doing so, you are able to try to pull off the more dangerous golden takedown, that you can do by taking down a car that is on the opposite lane, in which you will be going up against incoming traffic


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