Coins Multiplier to Unlock New Characters in Bowmasters iPhone

Bowmasters can be said as a new pvp shooting game developed by Playgendary which is dedicated to the ios and android users

bowmasters walkthrough ios android

The mechanic to play this game is you will guide your archer to trade shots with other characters online
For those who drain their opponents’ health first, they will win all sorts of coins and prizes, including new game modes.

If you have enough coins, you can unlock new characters such as TR-8R, Lefty, Thor, Neko, Xellirks and Terrance

Every character here has their own weapon and different characteristics.
If you play with Mr. Gorskiy his flag can cause the enemy to slide back a good distance.
And, playing with The Hipster his phone will bounces and you can land short while hitting the enemy form you stand.
Meanwhile, playing with Walter Black his flask can launch chemicals in multiple directions if it hits the ground
Besides, it also leaves a trail of chemicals behind.

Every time, the battle is done, you will get a combined coin reward as your bonus
Plus, you will get any other bonuses such as the fatality reward or the headshot rewards.

A bonus will also come up such as the popping up epic chest offer containing the promotional videos
By watching such video, you will get more coins for free
And followed by the epic chest roulette, you will also earn more coins or characters from the roulette.

In other words, you can get other characters through the epic chest roulette.
So, just go through the list of characters where you can get them for free if you can win all of the ones with crowns over their heads via the roulette.

Later on, you will continue to play this game in bird mode which will provide you a time limit and random weapons from each character that you have unlocked before.

In this mode, just tap the clocks to add time and tap the coins to collect as a bonus.
Then, you can play in apple mode where you get to shoot an apple or another fruit off of the head of another character.
Every single shot you make will increase the distance and change the weapons of your character


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