Coins Medals Cheat in Fun Run 2 Multiplayer Race iPhone

Fun Run 2 Multiplayer Race form DirtyBit is the sequel to the predecessor of the surprise smash hit games which will be bloody cartoony, where you can race on the roof to get the fastest time among your opponents

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This game also allows you to play live action games where you can race against people on Game Center or even against your friends at the same time, in which you will have to make your path as clear as possible.
In line with this, you can perform to jump up walls to get past them, so before hitting the wall, when you are getting closer to it, you must time your jump so that you can land as high as you can on the wall
And, since wall jumps are short jumps, you will get up the wall much more quickly.

During the race, you will be able to use your power ups as fast as you can, but you must aim them correctly to maximize their effectiveness.
You can use some of them like the lightning, that will hit everyone regardless of where you are and when you use it.
Also, you can use the jack in the box or the bar trap, need to be on the ground in an area where people run.
Moreover, when using the buzzsaw power up, it should be aimed when you find a lot of people in front of you.
For further, this game will also feature more power up boosts in a future update.

Each time you meet the speed strips, make sure to run over them.
These speed strips are the ones in gray and they have a chevron marking them, so do not hesitate to jump over them or you will miss the speed boost instead.

On the other side, every time you accomplish every race in each track, you will get coins.
Plus, you will gather up more coins if you become the winner and less coins if you lose, then if your position is higher than others, you will still get more coins.

Once collecting enough coins, you can spend them on new characters, new costumes and new accessories for each character.
Thus, just save them if you want to customize your character that will come to different look while racing against other players online

In addition, if you win you can increase the rank of your character in Quick Play mode
But, your rank drops if you lose, so you must get the highest rank, as you will get higher weekly prize because of your highest rank.
You will get those prizes in form of a bunch of coins either gold, silver or bronze
You will also get a medal that you can wear if you get the second highest rank
And, you will get a new character if you are being in the top level diamond rank.


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