Coins Maps Cheats Land Sliders iPhone

Land Sliders from Prettygreat can be said as a new endless exploring game that you can download and install from the apple store recently

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Along the game, all you will do is to explore through some levels while collecting many maps and avoiding the swarms of enemies trying to get you out of their land at your turn.

By default, you will slide the land under your character when playing this game
But, you can set your settings to reverse the controls, where you can slide your character along, rather than sliding your land along.

As said earlier, you will have to get each map in the stage before going into the next stage.
Every time, you collect every single map, you will be granted with a bonus of 5 maps before moving onto the next level.
Thus, just collect each map on each level to get more bonuses in the game

Except map, you will also have to find keys to be used to open chests containing big bonuses.
Just tap the quest button on some random stage to get a random quest
Afterward, you will be brought to where you will have to complete that quest
Every time, you can complete the quest, you can get a lot of coins as your reward.

And, wen you are about to get those coins, you will see notifications that you can set the time ahead on your phone to collect it right away

Anyway, doing that trick will remove the timer of the coins notification so that you will be able to grab the coins right away


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