Coins Lives Cheat in Mighty Smighties iPhone

Mighty Smighties is the product of Herotainment in which this game is a fun card game where you can play small heroes pack with your friends, as well as gathering all the cards, and competing with other players worldwide to be the Mightiest Smighty and also get rewards for bonus

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In this game, your main objective is to collect all the rare Smighty cards and build the ultimate card deck as well as customizing your heroes with countless possibilities.

Along the game, you will be assigned to collect power up that will boost your cards in this fast-paced matching 3 puzzle game.

For further, you will have journey through the Mighty Smighty world map in three awesome single player modes namely Normal, Power and Epic

Every round in this game get you to pick a card within 30 seconds then you can go to the random battle matches against opponents anywhere in the world.

At the beginning of the game, you should follow the arrows in the element circle chart in order to see which element beats other elements.
In line with this, when you can win Three different element types or three of the some element types, you can win the battle.

And, when you meet cards with the same element, strength number then determines the winner.
At this point, you will require 3 of the same or different elements to get your victory in the battle
Moreover, every time you win the battle, you can spin to collect a special prize

In related to the rewards due to winning the battle, you will be able to earn Silver Tokens and Smighty Gold that you can use to purchase cool stuff in the Shop
Plus, you will also get gold coins which are the premium currency of this game

On the other side, you will absolutely need lives in order to play this game and move to the next phase
So, if you run out lives and you want to get it come back instantly, you can do the time lapse trick that you can do by changing your phone’s time setting.
Doing this trick will get you to regenerate full lives

Firstly, just close the game by either restarting your phone or by killing it on your task manager.
Secondly, set the time in advance for 1 day or above.
Thirdly, you can open the game now and you will get your full Lives there.
Thus, every time you want to get quick life, you can simply repeat the step 1-3 as seen above steps.

After getting your lives back, you can now set your current date
For such reasons, just follow these steps

Open the game but do not play a single game.
Close the game by either restarting your phone or by killing it on your task manager
Now, just go to settings and change your time and date at this moment.


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