Coins in Puzzle Bandits Cheat Android

Grey Area launched their new game named Puzzle Bandits few days ago
This new game is a new puzzle RPG where you will take a control of a band of three heroes then you will go to quest through a number of enemies with attacks which are activated using a match-three system.

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In this game, the unique factor here comes in the form of each stage which is being a competition against the enemy, whether they are PvP or PvE.

When picking up a piece to drag it around, you can drag every piece over that will move one space that will give you an advantage for the next stage.

So just pick up a piece and drag it around in a strategic manner so that it ends up rolling over as many pieces as possible
Make sure to make as many combinations of three or more as possible.

Later on, if you can make more matches, you will get higher damage multiplier for every match that you make in that round
Then, it will come to an extra 10% damage or so for each combo.
Here, you can use the above piece-dragging trick to make as many combos as you can
Remember not to underestimate the power of random combos being made when new pieces drop, as well.

Break any piece that has a +1 next to it, then create more +1, +2, etc. pieces with the plus sign icon
Doing this will add that multiplier to any piece next to it.

On the other side, be careful that you do not end up giving your enemy a free combo use.
Anyway, if their turn comes next, try to use this next to pieces which the enemy does not have.

Always be wise to use of your leftover heroes by sacrificing them as this causes the old hero to disappear and to be used for powering up the gaining hero.
At this point, if they are of the same element, it provides an even bigger boost that will be double the experience points as usual.

Later on, you will be able to get five piece bonus whether you do a T-shaped, + shaped, L-shaped or a straight across combo then the same effect will happen every time.
Try to make a huge match of 6 or more pieces that will do even more damage to every enemy.

In addition, always pay attention to the elemental of all of the enemies and all of your characters.
Fire beats plant
Plant beats water
Water beats fire
Furthermore, if you go to an area dominated by one element such as fire you can specialize
Anyway, it will be better to stick to a good mix of all of the elements.


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