Coins Gems Cheats Meek Mill Presents Bike Life iPhone

Meek Mill’s Bike Life from Chris Mcmillian can be categorized into an action game that you can play both on ios and android phones

meek mill presents bike life walkthrough ios android

Bike Life is an endless riding mobile game which is co-produced by Meek Mill and IM3 Gaming Studios.
This game has introduced a unique and authentic representation of a culture of the developer.

In this game, all you will do is to compete against others on the street while collecting coins and performing cool stunts
In the mean time, you must also outrun and taunt the cops, do tricks, entertain pedestrians, and gain score as high as possible

With a bunch of coins you have collected through the stages, you can use them to unlock other characters, such as Nicki Minaj that you can take on this game.

During your action on your run, you will simply swipe from side to side and use your jumps
Also, you can use the double jump by jumping again when you are being in the middle of the air.

At the same time, you can also swipe down to do a wheelie, and swipe to the side when you are being at the edge of the screen, or double swipe to do a side wheelie with your ATV.

Here, coins and diamonds are the main currencies that you will have to collect for more stuff and new characters

Coins are useful to unlock new characters and to purchase upgrade for your characters
In order to get those coins fast, you have to do the challenge stages.
If you can beat one of them, you will be granted with thousands of coins

Moreover, completing free offers in the game will also earn you some more coins
In line with this, just tap the go there button popping up when you go to the free coin page
There, you will see more coming up offers that will get you to download and run the apps for free coins.

On the other side, to get diamonds or gems in this game, you must search for them to appear in the middle of each stage.

At this point, diamonds are the premium currency of the game, and you can get them for free if you focus on during a run.
It is caused by, you will sometimes see the diamonds to be collected for free during in your action

In addition, in the way of collecting more coins, you must complete missions and do tricks.
When performing a wheelie trick, just look for the pop up icon indicating that you are in mid trick.
When it does, just try to keep it going until you drain the bar.

Afterward, you will be rewarded with 100 coins when performing the trick for long enough.
Later on, you can always rely on this trick to get some coins for free in the future


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