Coins Gems Cheats in Me Girl Celebs iPhone

Frenzoo will make your dream come true where you will have a chance of being a director that you can do in Me Girl Celebs game
Here, you are a well versed director and work with your stars to make some outstanding movies.

me girl celebs walkthrough ios android

As the director, you will make a movie by casting suitable actor or actress, dress them up.
Once your artists is ready, you can select the best scenes for shooting
In shooting section, you will select the best lines, then prepare a poster.

Throughout the game, you will have to try to make VIP movies which are bonus movies for each chapter.
They are handpicked by the team so they will come along with good rewards and exceptionally fun lines
Early on, you have to complete all normal movies, then the second and third VIP movie coming in order so that you will be able to unlock the first VIP movie in a chapter
And, every movie you have completed will increase your star total

In order to enter a new chapter, you have to complete all the normal movies in the previous chapter and you must also reach the minimum star level to access the new chapter

After making a movie, you will publish it in which film critics will give their feedback then you will get a score and rewards at the premiere.
In order to unlock new chapters, items and more, you will have to complete more movies.
Later on, you can go to the casino to win lots of free coins.

Every actor and actress will come along with at least 1 specification.
Sometimes, some talented actors or actresses will have 2 specifications.
And, if you can match them to a role with the same genre, you will get the Genre match bonus for that role

Alongside, you must try to level up your actor and actress to A+ that you can do by casting them in more movies

Also, pay attention to the role description, as it will give you a hint
And, if you re-do a role, you will be notified with the bonus styles.
You can also redo a role and a movie, that you can do with a coins.

As usual, this game will feature gems and coins as the premium currencies
Along the game, you will struggle to get more gems and coins that you can use to purchase some cool items
At this point, you can gather up more free coins and gems through playing as well as buy more them from in game store.

In order to gain more free coins, you can win them after every role is dressed up in the casino and you can collect them more by finishing each movie.
Here, the dress up and movie coins will go up if you do a job better

Sometimes, you need to go to the first casino where you will use energy to win coins, gems and more energy that recharges over time for free
Then, you can go to the second one by swiping to the side with coins, so you can keep going even when your energy is out.
Here, in casino, you can try your luck to win something in every spin in the casino.

On the other side, you can have the boxes where you will be able to win stylish fashions, shoes, accessories, hair and more.
In order to unlock more boxes, you can finish more movies and increase your total stars

You can find some cool items included in the boxes including fashions, shoes, accessories, hair and cosmetics that can be worn by your actors and actresses
Every item here will have a style and style points with them.
Also, you can win Star items which match all styles

Once getting some items, you can put them together to craft a new single item
If you have more items you will gain higher score, so that it will lead to the better item

Meanwhile, the items you wear will come to a style score.
Here, you have to guess which style is required in each role.
And, if you dress the actor or actress with the matching style, you will win the style bonus.


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