Coins Gems Cheats in Angry Birds Fight Android

Rovio Entertainment has just presented Angry Birds Fight, an online competitive match-three game where you can join your favorite flock and match tons of addictive feathery puzzles
Also, you can challenge some players all over the world in real time strategic battles

angry birds fight walkthrough ios android

Before going to the battle with real opponents, be sure to power up your bird and equip them with wacky weapons and questionable armor that will give them more health, attack power and also some special skills.

Later on, you can also explore uncharted islands packed with challengers then beat them in a match-three frenzy to unlock more birds, weapons and other items.

During the game, you can try to match 4 to activate special powers, then match 5 to start fever time
For further, every time you win the battle, you will gain XP, items that you can use to customize your flock and your ship

Moreover, getting victory in the battlefield will earn you bird coins that you can use to purchase more weapons and accessories in the shop
In order to unlock more items, you can go playing the lucky slots, then give it a spin
Each time you fight enemies in the battle, you will receive Area Points, coins and experience points that will level up your birds.

In order to play the game, you can match as many panels as you can within the time limit to boost your bird’s attack and defense.
Here, the birds will use the attack and defense that you have gained when they fight it out.
You can also make combos by matching panels multiple times in a row.
If you can make bigger combo, you will gain more attack and defense for the birds
Also, matching panels in the displaying bird you are using in the match will double attack and defense for them.

You will get your victory in the battle, if you can reduce the life points to 0 of your opponent has
And, when both you and your opponent’s attack is used up, the champion will go to the one with more life points left.

On the other side, this game will need energy and ship energy to do any action in this game
You will really need energy to battle with other players.
One point of energy is needed for every battle and you can recover one point of energy every 10 minutes interval.

Besides, you will also need ship energy that you will need to take part in a boss battle.
Ans, you will also recover one point of ship energy every 60 minutes interval.

As usual, this game will also feature the premium currencies in form of coins and gems
In related to coins, you will be able to get more coins after each battle with the enemies.
Once getting more coins, you can use them to purchase items in the shop or to enhance high rank items.

Except coins, you will also need to get some gems that will be handy throughout the game
You can get more gems after clearing an area or completing a mission in specific time period.
After collecting some gems, you can use them to restore energy or to play the Slot game.


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