Coins Gems Cheats Giraffe Evolution Clicker Android

Giraffe Evolution Clicker from Tapps Top Apps and Games is like 2048 and incremental clicker games where you need to combine the two same Giraffe to create a new one.

giraffe evolution clicker walkthrough ios android

In other words, just try to combine giraffes to evolve them and discover their most curious, exotic and bizarre forms

In order to create new mysterious ones, all you will do is to drag and drop similar giraffes to combine them

On the other side, you can then use giraffe poop coins to get new creatures and make even more money in form of gems, the premium currency of this game
In line with this, just tap rapidly the giraffes to make coins pop from pooping

Early on this game, you will need to combine two 2 to create 4 giraffes, then you need to combine two 4 to create 8 giraffes, and so fort.

Then, you must upgrade your Giraffe to maximize your income capability and to avoid impulse purchasing of Giraffe.

At first, you can use first 4 Giraffe for this guide
Baby Giraffe will cost 2.5 Mil
Adult Giraffe will cost 5.1 Mil
Camelocorn will cost 10.8 Mil
Capriraffe will cost 22.8 Mil

Here, your last Giraffe will have a value twice of its previous Giraffe.
Then, it should be like this

Baby Giraffe Cost equals to Baby Giraffe Cost
Adult Giraffe Cost equals to Baby Giraffe Cost plus Baby Giraffe Cost
Camelocorn Cost equals to Adult Giraffe Cost plus Adult Giraffe Cost
Capriraffe Cost equals to Camelocorn Cost plus Camelocorn Cost

Later on, you can try to buy the last Giraffe up to the first Giraffe in exact order.
Sometimes, you need to get the first Giraffe when it does not actually help if you have millions or more
Thus, the 2048 buying rule will make your Giraffe Cost efficient.

If the value of Baby Giraffe is 1, you should purchase 8 Baby Giraffe to create Capriraffe
As an illustration, 8x 2.8 Mil equals to 20 Mil in which it is cheaper compared to 22.8 Mil Cost.
Anyway, you do not need to purchase it eight times, just get it based on the 2048 rule for cost efficiency.

To do giraffe evolution, you can try to increase your time of your phone according to your tractor maximum time collection.

In addition, if you can get more and more of them, you will be able to get a bunch of coins to collect and you may have a chance to get gems for free with that way


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