Coins for Premium Package in Ultimate Tennis iPhone

Ultimate Tennis from 9M Interactive can be categorized into an action-packed tennis arcade game with RPG combination which you can play on the ios and android devices

ultimate tennis walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will play as a beginner tennis player to go through quests and tennis matches
Later on, you will upgrade your character, learn new skills and collect new equipment to be a superstar tennis player.

This game will feature gold coins as the main currency that you can get for free by winning in each match

In the mean time, every time, you are playing in a match, you will gain experience and gold coins
With experience points, you can then level up your player
And, you can use gold coins to get new equipment

On the other side, you can use the sim tickets which you have collected from any match
Here, you will have to get 2 stars or 3 stars for that tickets.
With this ticket, it will make the match to complete automatically.

With all coins you have collected through the matches, you can now fill your equipment slots
At this point, if your players have equipment mismatches, you can try to pull the equipment off of your backup players then you can equip it on the player you are using.

On the other side, you can also craft outfits by getting some materials from the matches.
To craft outfits, just tap on the outfit piece you want to craft, then tap the crafting item to spot the location where you can get it.
For such reasons, every time, you craft more outfits you will get more rewards.

After going through some matches, you can now have more skills that you can train.
These skills will come to different types of shots, where you can use them to confuse your opponent
Besides, they will also be able to force them to run around more.

In accordance with this, you can try to keep them running around when playing with your opponent so that you can get a lot of points from this.


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