Coins Doubler Cheat in Boulder Jack iPhone

PlaySide has introduce the game with reverse runner that you will see firstly in the apple store
Here, your main duty is to help Jack the pirate escape the massive boulder on his tail

boulder jack walkthrough ios android

In order to move your main character in this game, you will be served with the control options
Swiping left will make Jack go to the left.
Swiping right will make Jack go to the right.
Swiping up will make Jack jump.
Swiping down will make Jack slide.

To help you run faster along the game, you will be able to use some boosters
Headstart is as your head start on the back of your riding companion wilbur
Using Armor will upgrade Jack’s Armor to let him take more hits.
If you use Bounty, you will track objects to explode with 9 coins when destroyed.
Using, Crystal Skull will allow you to get the power of the crystal skull that lets jack smash through obstacles safely.
And, if you can use Coin Magnet along the way, you will be able to draw all treasure towards Jack.

In the way of gathering more coins in this game, you can use coins HEX c8 d8 16 a5 Dword
If the codes does not work, you can do it manually, by searching function in your hex editor app, entering your current Coins value in Boulder Jack and searching for Dword.

Then, if seeing a small list of results, example 10 in that editor, you can then edit the value of them one by one until you can find the real hex

If you see a large list of results, just change the value of current Coins value in this game by either consuming them or adding them.
Afterwards, you have to go back to the list and search your new current Coins value in this game to the large list and edit the value as you want.


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