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Taogames Heroes has a brand new Card-Based Action RPG which is called as League: War of Legends
This game seems to be set in an original fantasy world inspired by Nordic legends

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Along the game, you will explore each area and summon legendary heroes to accompany you in the battle.
Here, you will battle with misty swamps, citadels of the Undead and explore many other haunting locations in the game.

Later on, you will be able to test your skills against other players by challenging them to fight in the Arena where you can compete head to head against champions from every global region and put your name as the top hero in this game

You will then be able to collect some heroes then equip them to fight at your command to promptly dispatch your enemies

To power up your heroes, you will get some abilities, such as myriad abilities, mighty summons, simple and intuitive battle controls
With abilities you have got, you will then go to explore unknown regions to eliminate any monsters standing your path, and find and gather mighty relics.

Early on the game, you will go to explore Aegir’s Treasure Map to collect coins, gems, and special exchange currencies
Every exploration in the game will take you to battle with enemies that will exchange for coins and gems once you can beat them there

As said earlier, you must equip your heroes with a bunch of powerful weapon
In line with this, you will have to purchase new weapons and items at the Merchant, the Black Market, the Arena Shop, and at Aegir’s Treasure Trove

On the other side, you will go through divination rituals which will allow you to summon heroes from
the known realms to join your team.
Those heroes will get to you grab divine gear left by the Gods.
Be sure to perform a divination ritual to increase your heroes strength.

Besides, light divination will be more powerful than Fate Divination
And, it has a higher chance of getting stronger heroes and better items to be equipped for your heroes.

This game will always feature coins and gems as the premium currencies that you can often get them for free during the game

To get them, you can take part in new event which is often available in the game
This new event will open when the grand opening of the new region Nidavellir unfolds
If that happens, all players worldwide can level up their heroes in mad rush

Then, when the event draws to a close at server time 12 PM sharp, you will get a chance to put your position on the top 3 ranking Lords that will give you more rewards in form of new heroes and coins

If you get 1 rank in the game, you will get a brand new hero, 5000 gems and 2000000 coins.
If your character is in rank 2 in that event, you will will get 4000 gems and 1000000 coins.
Any character who gets rank 3 in that event, they will get a chance to have 2000 gems and 500000 coins.
Next, if your character is in 30 level, you can get 200 gems and 100000 coins as reward.

Thus, just take part in any event given by this game to get free gems and coins as reward completion
With these gems and coins, you will be able to purchase rare heroes to be your collection


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