Coins Crystals Cheats in Ultimate Fantasy Android

Attagame Technology will get you to explore the vast world of Ultimate Fantasy, form the ace Hero team, and go to the heroic Legion battle as well as collecting crystals and coins along the way

ultimate fantasy hd walkthrough ios android

This game features Crystals and Coins as the premium currencies that you can get them for free with lots of different ways.

At the beginning of the game, you can get Newbie Gift where you can claim your Deluxe Gift Pack for free via customer service email, Wechat Public ID or Skype then the customer service representative will offer you the Gift
In order to get more rewards, you will have a chance to get event rewards that will be 500.000 Gold, 10000 Stardust and 500 Recruiting Tokens

Besides, if you play this game regularly, you will get daily login gift in an event that will be reward online gift pack by logging this game between 12:00pm and 10:00pm everyday.
In this online gift, you will get 100 Energy, 30 Crystal and 10 Star of time

Furthermore, to get more rewards, you can just give this game 5-Star Rate review on “Ultimate Fantasy – International” on Apple Store or Google Play.
All you will do here is to send them the screenshots via Facebook or Wechat then you will see the gift available far one time on each character
When rating this game, you will need to make at least 15 words for review with you character.
If you do well, you will get reward from Gold 8 million, 300 Crystal, 100 Energy and 30 Soul Spar

On the other side, in order to get some rewards including gold and crystals, you can get them in Legion Rank Gift Event
At this event, every time, you level up Legion Rank to specific level it enhances battle power.
Lieutenant Rank will earn you 300k Gold and 500 Recruiting Token
Major Rank will earn you 100 Crystal and 1000 Recruiting Token
Lieutenant Colonel Rank will give you 500k Gold, 100 Crystal and 50000 Stardust
Colonel Rank will earn you 1 million Gold, 100 Crystal and 3000 Recruiting Token

Always remember to claim the gift via the game Activity in which every reward can be claimed for once and will be unavailable as it has been overdue.

You will also be able to access Mighty Hero Gift where it will give you a chance to get super Heroes
You will get 50000 Recharge Crystal, Hero and Athos

You will also get some valuable rewards in daily events where you can collect daily 5000 top up gift
Daily recharge up to 300 Crystals will allow you to get reward for free such as 1 million Gold, 20 Energy, 500 Recruiting Taken and 10 Stars of Time

On the other side, daily recharge up to 500 Crystals will reward you the currencies as well
At this point, you will get 2 million Gold, 30 Energy, 1000 Recruiting Token and 20 Stars of time

Later on, Daily recharge up to 1000 Crystals will reward you some currencies as well
Here, you will be rewarded with 3 million Gold, 40 Energy, 1500 Recruiting Token and 30 Stars of Time
Meanwhile, you will also have a chance to get 50000 Accumulated Top-up Gift

In addition, you can get the currencies for free with above ways that will take a long time to get them
But, if you want to get gold and crystals in a quick time, you can purchase them in-game with a just few taps only.


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